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RECL has its own expertise, energy professionals and methods to work on Load Management of your Industrial and Commercial premises. In a commercial building, in an Industry, even in a residential building proper load management can ensure energy efficient technical decision of utilizing power towards minimized operation cost in the long run.


Our power team is firmly specialized in engineering, procurement, INSTALLATION, COMMISSIONING, MODIFICATION and SERVICING of Low, Medium and High voltage electrical substation and electrical systems , phase wise or on turnkey basis.


We hold expertise in offering our customers reliable range of switchgears Power Factor Improvement Plant. These are precision designed so as to provide superior and protective power distribution, power monitoring and control in the involved operations.


RECL with its team arrived with a solution to energy projects by using synchronizing system combining more than one generatorfor your high KVA needs & Providing significant and reliable advantages comparing against single generator which are both cost effective and efficient for power system designed by RECL engineers offers integrated solution through customers with its technology.

Engineering design, drawing, technical skills and supervision in low and high voltage power products and services – a complete solution is performed by our Pwer team with expertise and effort followed by an assurance of 24h services.