RECL, A group of private owned limited companies, operates as a hub of Engineering Solutions and Services in all aspects with around thousands of customers across its vast operating area in Bangladesh – from the rural communities to the communities of urban civilized population centers.We are all about delivering on our purpose – ‘Never Compromise Quality to earn money’. This way the Group has become with an entity of around 200 employees and a total asset base of US$9.7 million with annual revenue of US$3.125 million.

RECL was formed in 2009 as a manufacturer of Electrical equipment and Industrial Automation for the industrial sector, and Today the company is owned by RECL, a technology driven group of companies, which governs five other companies under its umbrella.Our vision is to become a global leader in energy and power solutions.We are walking in a way to revolutionize the global energy market.

What we do and How we do

Our Group of Companies provides engineering solutions to a myriad of problems facing an enterprise in today’s competitive and challenging business environment. Our solutions are based on application of the very latest intelligence technology in a unique and creative manner.

Our design, implementation and administrative teams consist of highly qualified professionals with years of experience gathered at home and abroad.We treat each of our clients as unique. Each solution is thus customized to fulfill special requirements of our clients. Quality and not quantity is our watch word in each individual solution.

RECL is a local organization of international standard with expert employees and….

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