Severe power crisis compelled the Government to enter into contractual agreements for high-cost temporary solution, such as rental power and small IPPs, on an emergency basis, much of it diesel or liquid-fuel based. This has imposed tremendous fiscal pressure. With a power sector which is almost dependent on natural-gas fired generation (89.22%), the country is confronting a simultaneous shortage of natural gas and electricity. Nearly 400-800 MW of power could not be availed from the power plants due to shortage of gas supply. Other fuels for generating low-cost, base-load energy, such as coal, or renewable source like hydropower, are not readily available and Government has no option but to go for fuel diversity option for power generation.

Now fuel crises are increasing day by day in worldwide and it impacts on energy sector to produce or generate electricity. Big amount of fuel from total reserved of fuel in our country is used to generate electricity.

Therefore the reserved fuel will be finish in the future. Analysts are thinking to make the strong energy sector with renewable energy to produce electricity and minimum utilization by maximizing application of energy efficiency in this sector. RECL energy auditors and consultants are running onward to force-implanting this concept to stakeholders in this sector.

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