RECL Environment Management (EFFLUENT/AIR/NOISE/GREEN)

has extensive experience working on sensitive projects. Our work quality of service and solutions is very affordable and cost effective in real sense, unlike others. We While working we focus the impact of our service and guidance on CAPEX and OPEX of the client. our work is such that it will withstand robust third party scrutiny. Hence, RECL is aware of the potential financial and reputational liabilities that often accompany sensitive environmental and social issues. We are committed to provide peace of mind, since we work towards “ZERO TOLERANCE” solution and on the SUSTAINABLE GROWTH of our valued clients. By incorporating worldwide quality practice and local customized solution as per the highest industry standards and international good practice guidelines. Our words, works and goals are totally CUSTOMER ORIENTED.

RECL has revolutinary sollution on performing Authentic EIA, other reports, Brick field pollution control, Steel mills and others air pollution Control, Effluent and water treatment plants. RECL does all by both Local or Foreign Sollution with National or Internation consulting strategy.

Roktech Consulting Engineers Ltd. (RECL/ROCEL)’s Noise Management unit does Consulting, Engineering and Construction on AIR POLLUTION, Noise & Vibration ASSESMENT & Control and GREEN TECHNOLOGY in collaboration with Foreign Technologists. RECL ENVIRONMENT MANAGEMENT is the only provider of Environment related Solution, Products and Instrument in Bangladesh of SoundPLAN – Asia of SoundPLAN GmbH, Norsonic – Norway, IAC Acoustics – USA, Miratech-USA, ODEON Combined (DENMARK), SONarchitect (SPAIN), Profound VIBRA+ (Netherlands), NoiseATWork (Netherlands), NoiseApp (UK), SPEKTRA (Germany) , Geomil Equipment (Netherlands), 2GIG Engineering (USA), PLACID Instruments BV (Netherlands), BlastBlock (Netherlands)

In Bangladesh the Department Of Environment (DOE)’s vision is to ensure sustainable environmental governance for achieving high quality of life for the benefit of present and future generation. Our target market is the points where DoE is applying strict governance on removing sound pollution. Besides, foreign agencies or buyers would like to do the same to their joint business units in Bangladesh

Our focused customers are Industries, Power Plants, Commercial Buildings – where Air pollution, noise and vibration, green building became an issue due to less awareness and ignorance of knowledge of the subject.

VALUED CUSTOMERS for Environment Management

  • United Group Bangladesh
  • Rahimafrooz Group
  • Robi Axiata Ltd.
  • Bashundhara Group
  • Meena bazaar
  • Uday Tower Gulshan
  • GEMCON Group
  • Dhaka Intemational Club
  • EnergyPac Power Gen
  • Sheltech (Pvt Ltd)
  • Bashundhara Eye Hospital
  • Liz Fashion Ltd.
  • Confidence Group
  • Fortis Garments
  • CEGIS Bangladesh

others: Residential, Commercial, Factory in Dhaka, Chittagong & Sylhet.

SoundPLAN, Germany

Product Features:

  • SoundPLAN 7.4 Full Noise version for single or Multiple users
  • SoundPLAN Essential 3.0 Full Noise version for single or Multiple users
  • SoundPLAN 7.4 Full Air Pollution version for single or Multiple users
  • SoundPLAN Essential 3.0 Full Air Pollution version for single or Multiple users
  • Noise & Vibration Monitoring, Problems, Solutions analyzed with SP

NORSONIC, Norway, PLACID Instruments (Netherlands)

Product Features:

  • Varieties of instruments for sound monitoring and analyzing
  • Noise Instrument Calibration System for University/Laboratories/Testing Facilities
  • Powerful Noise Camera
  • STIPA measuring instruments [STIPA – speech transmission index, useful for Interior Decoration in Auditoriums, Hospitals, Theatres, etc.]

IAC Acoustics USA, BlastBlock Netherlands

Product Features:

  • Competitive ranges of Noise reduction foreign products
  • Turkey base solution of Urban & Industrial Noise solution constructions
  • Silencing equipment and solutions originated in the US
  • Any kind of Acoustic solution done by foreign expertise and products


Product Features:

  • All industrial Emission Solutions
  • Comply Energy & Environment policies around the world
  • Environment friendly Silencing solutions originated in the US

SONarchitect, Spain

Product Features:

  • Software to calculate noise transmission in a building like an office, hotel, condominiums
  • Used by Architects / Consultants

Profound Vibra+, Netherlands

Product Features:

  • Remote wireless vibration monitoring for buildings, railway, subways etc.

NoiseAtWork, Netherlands

Product Features:

  • Easy to use noise-mapping software for factories (safety agents, labor protections, etc.)

NoiseApp, UK

Product Features:

  • An noise monitoring application for mobile phones
  • The polluter (noise maker or an environmental agency) pays for the app on a yearly base
  • All people can download the app for free and register their noise complaints
  • Useful for Dhaka municipality, Chittagong harbor, Power-plants, etc.

SPEKTRA, Germany

Product Features:

  • Calibration systems for noise and vibration
  • Vibration control systems
  • Used worldwide

ODEON – Combined, DK

Product Features:

ODEON software is developed for calculating, simulating and measuring the interior acoustics of relevant buildings. With the appropriate treatment even outdoor situations can be studied. With known geometry and surface-properties, the acoustics can be very accurately predicted, in detail illustrated and even listened to. Sound reinforcement is easily integrated in the acoustic predictions. ODEON uses the image-source method combined with advanced ray tracing.


  • Concert halls, opera halls, theatres, churches, mosques
  • Open plan offices, foyers, restaurants, music studios
  • Underground and railway stations, airport terminals
  • Industrial Environments, Outdoor areas with complicated geometry

2GIG Engineering, USA

Product Features:

  • MEMS Inclinometer, Technologies of MEMS (micro-electromechanical Systems)/Microsystems Technology/Micro-machined devices
  • The most advanced Tilt Sensor manufacturer
  • Used worldwide

RECL Noise Management construct the projects using its own facility and products. RECL produces customized sound panels, sound barriers, sound proof enclosures (noise canopy), sound proof room, Generator silencer of different category upto critical silencer, accessories for sound projects, etc.

RECL does its soundmapping with fully licensed professional SoundPlan software.


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