A Brief History

Since 2001 we have earned a reputation for professionalism and quality workmanship in technology fields in our country. Our wholly owned companies, SystemAuto and CAMCO Ltd are engaged in these activities.

Later, in 2012 another tech company namely, iEnergy Engineering Services Ltd is formed by the board decision of SystemAuto and CAMCO in order to take projects of high rise buldings both commercial and residential in the market.

iEnergy with its 3.5 years of business figure and facilities is attracted by RECL – Roktech Consulting Engineers Limited in 2013. In Mid of 2015 RECL with its team of expertise tookover iEnergy after a successful acquisition into RECL’s business endeavors, especially to service the special needs of power sector of Bangladesh with Excellence.

RECL, running in the of Roktech Engineering Company, is the hub of Board of Directors and Superior Consulting engineers of ROKTech Consulting Engineers Ltd.

Since its inception RECL has grown steadily to service ever enlarging areas of the country with branch office located at promising locations. We thus continue to expand our geographical area of operation as well as enhancing scope of services that includes the public sector enterprises.

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