Product engineering refers to the process of designing and developing a device, assembly, or system such that it be produced as an item for sale through some productionmanufacturing process. Product engineering usually entails activity dealing with issues of cost, producibility, quality, performance, reliability, serviceability and user features. These product characteristics are generally all sought in the attempt to make the resulting product attractive to its intended market and a successful contributor to the business of the organization that intends to offer the product to that market. It includes design, development and transitioning to manufacturing of the product. The term encompasses developing the concept of the product and the design and development of its mechanical, electronics and software components.

RECL with its team arrived with a solution to energy projects by using synchronizing

RECL has its own expertise, energy professionals and methods to work on Load Management

RECL offers a comprehensive suite of electro mechanical contracting services to corporate

Industrial automation implies is the use of robotic devices to complete manufacturing

RECL delivers specialist designs, manufacture and installation of Machines and Machinery,

Our Intelligent Team (i-T) of Engineers is working on technology for the society,

RECL Environment Air Green Noise Management unit does Consulting, Engineering and

We’re quite proud that RECL is the first elevator company, which have planned the

RECL offers reliable, fuel-efficient diesel and gas generator sets (5.5 – 2,500 kVA)

RECL offers full-service Fire Protection Engineering, Design and Consulting Services

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