Products :

  • Solar Panel
  • Intelligent MPPT/PWM Charge Controller
  • Smart Inverter System
  • Solar Battery
  • RECL Meter
  • E-iiPS
  • iiPS

Our Intelligent Team (i-T) of Engineers is working on technology for the society, for mass poor people.

RECL understands our business has a social responsibility and wants to give back to those who need it most. That’s why when RECL installs a system for you, not only will you be helping out your own back pocket, but also lives around the globe. When a solar system is purchased from RECL, we care for you not being financially much harmed. We enjoy when mass people are getting RECL economy products what they never thought of affording.We offer cost-effective, efficient solutions while maintaining a quality installation and services towards customer’s requirements and satisfaction.


We source out cost effective quality solar panels and build an energy producing best solar system for the people. We never compromise quality to earn unethical money for our pocket.RECL SOLAR PANELS give highest efficiency possible with less maintenance and supervision. Warranty for the panels is assured and all kinds of Operation & Maintenance Protocol and services will be provided from our company. Rigid and latitude-based installation of panels can ensure system quality and system economy.Microcontroller based highly efficient RECL CHARGE CONTROLLER (pwm/mppt) is one of the smartest components of our solar systems. Quality component-based RECL INVERTERS take care of the output power being pure sine wave natured so as to ensure that the system does not damage life of connecting loads (Fans and Lights). RECL power inverters are supplied with tolerance level 5% only.SOLAR BATTERIES from RECL is RECL certified and is produced solely for solar systems. These special tubular plate solar batteries have variable capacities, excellent performance and longtime durability.


RECL Adopts the dynamic VI MPPT method which has independent intellectual property to build grid tie solar system.

We believe your comfort is our business.


RECL deployed a team called intelligent Team (RECL-T) who have working on develop economy products for mass people who do not afford technology other few are enjoying in this country. Some of these products, showing up with RECL brand, are:

  • RECL Meter
  • E-iiPS
  • iiPS

We believe your access in all technological advancement.

Our Engineering design, drawing, technical skills and supervision in low and high voltage power products and services – a complete solution is performed by our RECL-PD (RECL Power Division) team with expertise and effort followed by an assurance of 24h services.

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